Rethink Access To
Research Services

Implement an institution-wide digital solution 
that brings new partners enabling you to  reduce subsidies

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91% of schools outsource

Outsourcing Is Already A Proven Growth Tool In Non-Core Administrative Services.

Everything from online education to food services, bookstores, housekeeping, and many more

Why Not Research Services?

Average Loss to Cover Operations of Service Labs

External research services drive millions of dollars to universities

To be true cost recovery these facilities need the right platform

Let Gravl drive that change

Average Loss

Run Your Shared Scientific Services Like A Start-Up

Reduce the administrative burden of
implementing new infrastructure

Remove sales & marketing burdens from staff

Automate ordering and fulfillment

The New Standard In Research Outsourcing

Create A Front End For Shared Resources

  • Mitigate the challenges of reduced funding

  • Improve school rankings by attracting external partners

  • Create sustainable core facilities

  • Improve your ROI

Three Pillars Power Research Services


  • Multiple research service types
  • One branded user experience
  • Site optimization
  • Multiple payment options


  • Portals for scientists, admins & service labs
  • Metrics dashboard
  • Manage access levels & team members
  • Unified sample submission and data delivery

API Integraion

  • Secure cloud infrastructure
  • Connect to your internal LIMS
  • Multiple payment types
  • Program analytics


Universities have enough uncertainty so we've structured our pricing model to derisk your decision. 

Our structure puts the responsibility of driving new customers where it should be. On us!

  1. Revenue sharing
  2. Fee-for-service


  1. Scale research services and attract a wider audience
  2. We absorb the risk it would take to develop your own platform
  3. Bring more manpower and reduce the burden on academic staff

Remove The Firewall

Put your most valuable resources 

in front of your institution's firewall 

so search engines and users can find them